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Emptiness for Empty Time is an installation in a group show, The Art of Being Dangerous, curated by Erin Toale at the Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago. The show was the culmination of the Center Program, a 20-week long program for emerging and established artists. 

This piece is a collection of intricate paper sculptures created with printed materials I have been gathering for the first year and a half since I moved to Chicago in January 2017 as a way to
cope with the emptiness and isolation that is typical of American cities and alien to my
Indian sensibilities.

Emptiness for Empty Time

Materials list:

1. SAIC yearly programs 
2. MCA brochure
3. The Field Museum event calendar/ invites 
4. South Side Weekly 
5. Lumpen newspaper 
6. Plant Chicago postcards
7. Chicago Artists Coalition: HATCH and BOLT shows 2017 & 2018 
8. IKEA furniture manuals 
9. Bon Appetit magazine
10. AIC member magazine 
11. Show invites from the Chicago Cultural Centre 
12. Chicago Art Book Fair 2017 pamphlets, brochures, postcards 
13. Blue Cross Blue Shield mail and bills
14. People’s Gas safety inspection notice
15, BEHR interior colour samples/ colour chips 
16. Morton Arboretum catalogues 
17. Art institute of Chicago event calendar 
18. Smart Museum events printed material
19. Pilsen open studios printed matter
20. Zhou B Art Centre event calendar/ printed matter 
21. Grabadolandia print fest prints
22. Garfield Park Conservatory calendar and letters
23. CTA schedules 
24. DSW vouchers 
25. Mariano’s receipts
26. National Museum of Mexican Art event calendar
27. Short trips outside the city- Minneapolis Institute of Art brochure and catalogue 
28. Moving boxes 
29. Homestyle Taste chopsticks 
30. Warby Parker ads
31. Lens Crafters ads
32. New City magazine 
33. EXPO Chicago magazines, business cards and print matter from participating galleries/groups 
34. Bridgeport Coffee House cup sleeves 
35. Chinese take out chopsticks 
36. Homestyle Taste chopstick sleeves 
37. Hyde Park Art Centre print studio off cuts, extras and trials 
38. Appliance packaging 
39. USPS mailers 
40. Amazon packaging 
41. Jewish Enrichment mailer 
42. ‘Silky’ artificial hair braids packaging 
43. Shedd Aquarium map and brochure 
44. The New Yorker cover 
45. Red Eye newspaper
46. Kellogg's Corn Flakes cereal box


The work was activated through More Than a Trace, a performance in which Cabin Fever'Artistic Director Elana Jacobs and dancers Emily Craver and Aaron Raheim White develop 19 tiny movement phrases, dedicated to each of the artists in The Art of Being Dangerous.

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