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In January of 2017, I moved to Chicago, USA from Pune, India. My world, workspace and context was turned upside down, as was the US with the recent victory of President Trump. I started as a collaborator on Aram Han Sifuentes's project, the Protest Banner Lending Library at its first residency at the Chicago Cultural Centre where I facilitated banner making, managed the lending of banners and created a system for the incoming and outgoing banners. 
I also got a chance to do a mural on a wall in the Cultural Centre. 
Here, I found vibrant voices, beliefs and opinions like and unlike my own, and strengthened my connect with the city.


March On! 

Mural celebrating a collection of creatures joined in peaceful protest

Protest Banner Lending Library Residencies: 

2017: Facebook Artist in Residence, Facebook, Chicago, IL
2017: Take Action, Alphawood Gallery, Chicago, IL
2017: DCASE Public Studio, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL

2017: Protest Banner Lending Library, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL
2017: Wave Your Freak Flag by the Protest Banner Lending Library, Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago, IL
2017: VIP: Very Important Platforms, EXPO Chicago, 6018North and 3Arts, Chicago, IL 

2017: Protest Banner Making Workshops, Alphawood Gallery, Chicago, IL
2017: Protest Banner Making Workshop, Pick Museum at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL (Vero) 
2017: Protest Banner Making Workshops, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL

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