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taking receipts


Sadly, as People of Color we encounter discrimination every day. It’s exhausting. And when it happens we are often questioning ourselves, thinking: Did that just happen? Am I being too sensitive? Am I reading too much into this?


The few times that we can identify that it is discrimination and we speak to it, we’re often questioned, and others often don’t believe us or brush us off, calling us too sensitive or angry. The burden falls on us, yet again, to prove that we are being discriminated against.

So we (Aram Han Sifuentes and Ishita Dharap) created a book to take detailed logs of your everyday aggressions so that you can show off your receipts – proof.Our Facebook page is a platform where POC support each other by sharing resources, log entries, and advice.We hope to start collecting stories racial micro-aggressions to continue this conversation.



Upto 50 log pages

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