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Untitle, and auto-ethnographic arts-based research project, is an attempt to artistically examine the gaps that exist between verbal languages. It seeks to soothe the upheaval caused when something is lost, or goes missing during the process of inter-linguistic translation. The first iteration is a series of small interactive installations. 


The mediums and material I used for this project were chosen on the basis of needing to create a transparency, a translucency, and a movement. I ended up creating a large body of work in the form of drawings, writing, videos, animations, installations and sound pieces. 

The final journey became about the making, catching and sharing of meaning, within a language itself. I came full circle, having resolved my anxiety about translation along the way.


1. Vat piece

Interactive installation; stainless steel vat, steel ladle, water, OHP words, ink, paper


Using the ladle, catch all the words that you see in the vat at the same time.

You may not use anything but the ladle to achieve this task.

If the words fall out of the vat, you must start over.

There is no time limit on this task.

Alternate task:

Catch as many words as you can using nothing but the ladle.

Arrange the caught words in the tray to form any sort of meaning. 

reading IV .gif

2. Reading piece



Read all the words

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 5.17.29 pm.png
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